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Darcy Vescio in action. Picture: Wayne Ludbey
Immediately taken by the women’s game — the diverse crowd, the joy on the faces of the players, the inclusive, local-park feel — Vescio’s four-goal performance and her Instagram post they discovered later, moved them.FOOTY PIONEERS: DOGS, DEES HONOUR WOMEN’S FOOTY PIONEERSAFLW TEAMS: DOGS LOSE BRENNAN TO INJURY Vescio had posted a pre-game message to her followers inviting them to attend the opener against Collingwood. With a smiling face, piggybacking a child, Vescio captioned the pic: “Wen you laugh togetha cos you know ur gonna smash the patriarchy.”Boucher saw the post after the game and shared it with Barnes and the idea was hatched to put the slogan on a T-shirt.
Sam Barnes and Erica Boucher with the t-shirt they co-designed for the AFLW competition. Picture: Andrew Henshaw
Sam Barnes and Erica Boucher with the t-shirt they co-designed for the AFLW competition. Picture: Andrew Henshaw
Source:News Corp Australia
“She dominated that night, I came away from it so surprised, suddenly having a new favourite player because she was so athletic and so skilful, she was just a class above,” Barnes said.“The next morning I was expressing that on Facebook and Erica contacted me and was like, you won’t believe it, here is this Instagram post where she’s dropped the patriarchy bomb and that was such a shock.“The AFL is kind of a conservative institution in many ways, for a marquee player to come out and get political was really surprising.
“(Vescio’s) a graphic designer and a furniture maker, a bit of a larrikin and someone who’s doing some really great community work.“That was just extraordinary to find someone’s performance on the ground so appealing, but then to find out they’re such a multidimensional person. It was just a real delight to discover that.“I made the joke ‘where can we get her jersey’ and that was a bit tricky so we decided to do some T-shirts instead.”
The original Instagram post from Darcy Vescio.
The original Instagram post from Darcy Vescio.
Six T-shirts were made and when they debuted them at Ikon Park last Saturday, the emails and messages came flooding in. There’s a print run of 50 already commissioned.Vescio is cool with it and helped Boucher choose the charity the profits from the T-shirts will go to — the Woomeras, an indigenous under-18 women’s football program.“She’s just really funny and witty, such a good hero,” Boucher, 28, said. “She’s my new hero.”The T-shirts are available at laughtogetha.bigcartel.comOriginally published as ‘You know ur gonna smash the patriarchy’